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Shenzhen Wellcold Ice Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional ice machine manufacturer & exporter with the ability of research & development, production, marketing, engineering installation and after-sales service. We are Committed to producing all kinds of ice making machine: flake ice machine, flake ice evaporator, sea-water flake ice machine, cube ice machine, snow ice machine, block ice machine, tube ice machine, slurry ice machine, container ice-making system and other ice making auxiliary equipment, with daily output from 100kg to hundreds of tons. We have strong ability to customize various ice machine products and offer a full of ice solutions & related construction service, with complete production equipment, perfect testing facilities and all kinds of professional technical personnel. Wellcold ice machines are widely used in supermarket, catering, hotel fresh; food & aquatic products processing; logistics distribution; poultry slaughter; deep-sea fishing; water conservancy and hydro-power; large concrete cooling engineering; textile printing & dyeing, coal mine, pharmaceutical chemical cooling; artificial snow; ice-storage air conditioning and other fields.


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